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Agency Values

Core values that we articulate and reinforce into the Micheletti Insurance Services culture.

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What makes us different?

Every society, every organization, every individual has a set of values, good or bad, that drive their every action, values against which they measure their own actions. Core values are a very strong component of each and every company’s culture.

Value #1: Uncompromisingly Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

This core value, instilled in every person at MIS, encourages passion for providing uncompromising customer satisfaction.

At MIS there is and always must be, a passion for satisfying our customers. We must be uncompromising in meeting and exceeding our promises and our customers’ expectations. Customers must receive everything they expect…and more…the first time, every time. But when there is a problem, we will make extraordinary efforts to ensure the problem is resolved quickly, correctly and to the customers’ total satisfaction on the very first attempt.

If we don’t take care of the customer… somebody else will.

Value #2: Continuous Learning

This core value provides all employees with the training, the tools and the appropriate authority they need to succeed.

At MIS, our goal is to help all individuals become the best they are capable of being so, in turn, they can help Micheletti Insurance Services become the best it is capable of being. Many companies say that “people are our most important asset.” At MIS, our goal is to make that a reality by providing the training, educational opportunities and a working environment that helps each individual become the very best he or she can be. There are constant changes in the market place, in technology and in customer expectations. Also, each of us has different levels of knowledge and ability and we all constantly work to raise those levels. Each employee is expected to make the commitment and effort (in some cases on their own time) to take advantage of learning opportunities. To progress in this effort is an important element of success at MIS.

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want and if they can’t find them… make them.

Value #3: Personal Accountability

This core value encourages all individuals to hold themselves accountable for their own success as well as the success of the entire company, going beyond their own areas of responsibility, if necessary, to help achieve that success.

At MIS, we feel that each individual, every person at every level, is accountable for the results in areas they directly control as well as for the overall well being of the company. To achieve maximum results, specific responsibilities are delegated through the entire organization. We expect each individual in the organization to accept his or her individual responsibilities…and more. Far too many people don’t accept the responsibility for their own success or failure. It is always someone else’s fault. At MIS we never accept that idea. We strongly feel that each individual is “the captain of their soul, the master of their fate.”

Don’t say can’t. Figure out how.

Value #4: Enabling People

This core value continuously raises the standards of performance and we are always looking for new ways to provide our customers with outstanding satisfaction.

All individuals in the company are enabled to do their job as it should be done in order to reach their goals and for the company to reach its goals. “Risk taking” and “trust” are critical elements that are important to the success of this idea. Each individual is encouraged to take ownership of his or her job and encouraged to constantly come up with new ideas for improvement. MIS provides the training and gives everyone the appropriate authority to make decisions and to carry out his or her job. The job is never done. There are always new and better ways for serving the customers, particularly because of the ever evolving new technology. It is amazing how people, given the encouragement and opportunity, can come up with great ways to serve the customer better and along the way save money while doing it.

Trust men and they will be true to you, treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.

Value #5: Teamwork

This core value, encourages and recognizes team efforts; provides teamwork as part of the program and acknowledges that cross-functional teams are critical to success.

At MIS, we believe that true teamwork enhances both individual and agency performance. When individuals have the opportunity to combine their talents and knowledge in the quest for solutions and improvements, they produce much better results. They also learn from the experience and broaden their knowledge and abilities. We encourage teamwork in every area of the company. In seeking improvement as well as in problem solving, we use the team concept within departments and across the whole company. We also extend this concept in working with our “partnering” relationships.

An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success. Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity.

Value #6: Hard Work Ethic

This core value constantly reinforces the concept that just being “good” is not enough. We must be outstanding.

We believe strongly in the value of hard work. It is only through intelligent, hard work that each individual within the company can make a difference…to his or her own success and to MIS’s. So we expect a lot from everyone at MIS. In return, we help each individual become the very best he or she is truly capable of being. At the same time, while hard work is the norm at MIS, we can also have fun at work, experiencing the excitement of challenges, the satisfaction of achievement, the pride of personal growth and the thrill of winning. Hard, consistent effort and pride in our achievements can make this happen.

Some people dream of success…while others wake up and work hard at it.

Value #7: Unwavering Integrity

This core value expects employees to act with unwavering integrity in all that they do.

At MIS, integrity means having sound moral principles, including honesty, decency and honor. It also means being trustworthy, caring and dependable. It is a character quality that allows customers, suppliers and fellow workers to depend on MIS in all our dealings.

Business integrity is not a grass roots endeavor…it starts at the top. Integrity is the glue that holds everything else together.

Value #8: Fiscal Responsibility

This core value for the betterment of the organization expects each employee to constantly seek ways to use resources in the most effective, efficient manner possible; encourages investing in support of profitable growth and good operations without putting the company at financial risk; and encourages the use of good, solid fiscal policies by management.

We believe a company must be financially strong in order to take advantage of opportunities and to survive problems. Only with financial stability and soundness as a base can a company provide for its employees. Financial strength also provides a solid bedrock on which to build an even better future. A company can be financially strong only when all employees and management exercise fiscal responsibility.

No one has a divine right to survive and to prosper… It is a right that must be earned day in and day out.