Customized Business Insurance Programs

We aim at providing every kind of support to you at every stage.

Wide Range of Employee Benefits

We want the administration of your benefits to be as simple as possible.

Customized Personal Insurance Products

Get the comprehensive insurance coverage that protects your family
and personal possessions.


Business insurance strengthens an organization’s setup and makes it better equipped to face all sorts business and legal contingencies.

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Micheletti Insurance Services wants the administration of your benefits to be as simple as possible. We are proud to offer our clients a wide range of Insurance products.

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Get the right and comprehensive insurance coverage from the world’s leading carriers that protects your family and personal possessions from unexpected risks.

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Helping you today, to face tomorrow

Together we can create your own, safe future. Learn more about our team.

There is no risk-free life. But there are well managed risks, which can make your life immune to the possible dangers the future has in store. That’s when you feel safe, even knowing that risks are inevitable. At Micheletti Insurance Services, this is what we do for our clients: Help them manage their risks well – be it about business, personal, health, life, or their wealth.

Serving the Northern California area since 1946, we have gained immense experience and knowledge about virtually every kind of risk that individuals and businesses face, and about the best strategies to manage them. As a premier regional insurance broker, we have developed strong one-to-one relationships with all major insurance companies.